Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Benefits

Don’t throw your money on investment that won’t pay off in future. Instead, take the car you want to buy for a pre purchase vehicle inspection. Whether buying new or used car, always check whether the car has a roadworthy certificate in Melbourne or not. By taking the car for a pre purchase vehicle inspection, you make sure of the driving condition this car finds in. Get the car inspected by trusted experts, and receive a roadworthy certificate in Melbourne. It will only take few hours, to receive a complete report on the driving condition of this car. Here are some of the benefits of getting a pre purchase vehicle inspection.

  • With a thorough inspection of the vehicle, you will be able to understand the real condition of the car. That way, you won’t end up buying a car that will cost expensive repairs in future.


  • If you in plan to buy a car, but understand nothing about it, it is good to have an objective side to tell you the pros and cons of the car, before you buy it. If the car has issued a roadworthy certificate in Melbourne shop, than you can be sure that experts inspected any hidden defects, intermittent problems and made visual inspection, before issuing the report.


  • Thanks to this pre purchase vehicle inspection, expert will be able to identify defects, that even the service technician is not aware of. He will be able to tell if any prior repairs have been made, any camouflage and malfunctions that car might have.


  • Even if you want to put the vehicle on sale, you must undergo this pre purchase vehicle inspection. Before you get this roadworthy certificate in Melbourne, professionals will identify any weaknesses, make you repair them, and then put it on the list.


  • Pre purchase vehicle inspection is extremely important when buying a car from someone you don’t know. With the help of the inspection, you will get familiar with the history of this car, and the condition this vehicle is in.


  • Taking the cars to a pre purchase vehicle inspection, provides better safety on the road. Cars that were not issued with road worthy certificate in Melbourne, are not allowed to be driven on the roads.

Importance of car inspections

car mechanics

As the rate of car accidents rises every year governments are honing traffic regulations to ensure car safety and are increasing periodic car inspections Australia is one of the countries that is more organized when it comes regular vehicle inspections. Mandatory inspections must be conducted by certain government licensed auto shops. Further more, even more rigorous actions are taken, as safety inspectors now have the authority to check your vehicle on the road. However even with this effort , the drivers of cars are those that must take responsibility and drive responsibly. Drivers must realize than it is better to ensure that your car is safe to hit the road than having a break down in the middle of nowhere, or even worse, having a car accident.

Usually vehicle inspections are done by state law inspectors. However, there are some parts of the car that can be checked even by drivers, so that they can ensure that it’s safe to use the car for longer trips. Some basic and easy checks that can be made refer to tires, brakes, lights and reflectors etc. With tires you might want to look for rust on wheel nuts or damaged rims. Numbers have show that damaged tires and rims are among top 10 leading factors to big car accidents on the highway. The brakes are another part of the car which you can inspect only by looking them to ensure that there are no cracked drums or low brake fluid. Besides these that we mentioned, for other parts it is required special knowledge and devices to run proper car inspections Australia inspection facilities are the source you need in order to find car inspection guide books for different car parts. In addition specialized staff can do the inspection but only if you are due to date. Otherwise they can offer you help to ensure full safety on the road.

Awareness of car safety is still considered low in many countries. The right reasons behind this are not known for sure , but one thing is for certain. Drivers are those that should follow advice from car safety inspectors and make full periodic checks of the car. If this becomes a practice , the numbers of fatal car accidents will drop instantly and safety in general will be improved.

Car service

car repairs

The regular check and servicing of the car is vital to maintain and keep the good working of the engine and to extend its life. But sometimes servicing a car is expensive and we don’t have enough budget to service the car at specific time. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to learn and try to check and service your car by yourself. A regular and normal car service is very easy and simple procedure. Below you can see the instructions how to service you car.

  • Car maintenance – regularly a car can be serviced from 6 000 to 10 000 miles, or this means once a year. The normal car maintenance need to include check of oil levels, engine coolant, brake fluid levels, washer refill for windscreen, tyre check, brake check, head lights, indicators.

  • Car service list – You should use the following tools from the check list: spark plug removal tool, oil filter removal, car jack, set for removing sump plug, antifreeze tester, oil filter wrench etc.

  • Car service elements checklist – air filter, oil filter, engine oil, antifreeze, sump plug washer.

  • Engine oil change – Before changing the oil, the machine must work at least 15 minutes. The oil must be warm. Remove the oil cap, place the oil catch pot under the sump plug and drain.

  • Oil filter – Turn the oil filter wrench and turn to remove the filter. Make sure that the seat of the filter is clean and put little bit oil on the sealent of the new filter and easily firm up with the filter wrench.

  • Antifreeze – The engine must be cool before you change the antifreeze. The colour of the liquid can be green, pink, blue, depending on the antifreeze.

  • Air filter – The procedure is simple. The only thing you have to do is to drop the new filter in.